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clinical trials
My cooperation with Prestige International Recruitment was successful because I got my new position as a Project Manager at the KCR company.
Marcin T.
Prestige International combines professional approach to recruitment process with the intuitive ability to match appropriate people to clients requirements.He demonstrated readiness to contact him in case of any questions or doubts. I strongly recommend PIR for anyone who seeks for new job opportunities and would like to go through this in professional and effective fashion.
Marzena P.
Person from PIR is a very friendly and helpful person with great charisma and organizational skills. He is very enthusiastic person and has professional approach. I would strongly recommend him as a Recruitment Consultant to potential candidates. He is always willing to help and with his knowledge of medical and clinical industry, the help offered is absolutely useful.
Sylwia G-B.
Persons from PIR are energetic, supportive and very helpful recruiters. He pays attention to all the needs and expectations and provide continuous feedback. It was a real pleasure to work with them.
Edyta S.
Recruiter from PIR is professional, client-oriented and very enthusiastic person. He was always available for my questions and he provided me with continuous feedback. It was a great pleasure for me to work with him.
Magdalena P.
Recruiter from Prestige International Recruitment is a very professional consultant who is efficient and also very nice and easy to talk to. He recommended me for a job and it was suitable for me. So, I think he understood my needs and my desires. He was always available for my questions and queries. Recruiter supported me, helped and advised at each stage of the recruitment process. I am really impressed with his performance and in the future if I would need to look for new job positions I would contact him again. It was a great pleasure for me to work with him.
Łukasz W.
Prestige International Recrutiment reacted very fast on my application. During first interview in very accurate way he diagnosed optimal requirments of new assignment for me. Already first recruitment proccess in which we were cooperating brought great results - with his support I got new job in one week.
Marta M.
Prestige International Recruitment is company which was very helpful in assisting me with my search for a new career opportunity. He is a very professional and effective recruiter. The recruitment process was smooth and successful. I strongly recommend PIR as a recruitment company.
Aleksandra S.
The recruitment process by PIR involved me in, went smoothly very quickly and successfully. Thanks PIR.
Kasia H.
PIR is the one recruitment company which introduces a new level of professional recruitment. Employees listens very carefully to one's remarks and needs, then puts all the pieces together offering the best solution. He was highly available and very helpful throughout the process, providing me with continuous feedback and support. PIR attitude was commendable. This company turned my working life 180 to good way.
Adrian O.
Employess from PIR are very profesional persons they helped me in my job search and provided best possible help in the filed. I would recomend them as a headhunters for medical area.
Adam K.
Prestige International Recruitment is a very effective company. Upon his recommendation I was offered a job at a new company after three days from the start of the recruitment process. Recruiter is very flexible and efficient at connecting the right employer with the right employee so that both parties are satisfied. Working with him was a real pleasure.
Agnieszka W.
Recruiter from PIR is a dedicated and focused professional who shows determination in doing the best job possible. His approachable style makes the recruitment process a lot easier. Recruiter has given me a value-added assistance and I give him my highest recommendation.
Marta M.
Recruiter is not only a very professional but his commitment allows to painlessly get through even the most difficult recruitment process. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to all employers and wish each job seeker to have a Pleasure to meet him on their path.
Lech M.
I had participated in the recruitment process coordinated by recruiter from PIR . He is a professional characterized by a strong commitment and good organizational skills. Furthermore he is very polite, ready for help and answering all questions and gave me support in the job search. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with employess from PIR.
Justyna F-S.
Accomplished successful recruitment due to efficiency and diligence of Recruiter from Prestige International Recruitment.
Agnieszka G.
PIR is a very professional and helpful company. The recruitment process was smooth and successful. Thanks a lot!.
Marcela P.
Prestige International Recruitment is a professional recruit company – it was really nice to work with them. Thanks to their dedicated work the recruitment process went smoothly and really quick. Thank you PIR!.
Ewa W.